Showreel 2018

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All of the work in this showreel was done at Studio TEN |  A Division of The Enthusiast Network. The majority of the projects were graphics packages for the online shows that S10 produces. As the digital arm of the group that publishes MotorTrend, Hot Rod, SuperStreet and Lowrider magazines, the majority of the work done at Studio TEN is automotive. However, TEN also does non-endemic work which is why you’ll see graphics for Ole Henrickson, Dew Tour, and Ultimate Ears sprinkled in, as well.

My role on the majority of these projects was art director, designer, and animator - often working as the sole artist on a project.  I was typically given a logo and sometimes an idea or two about what we could do with it before being turned loose.

Just about everything seen was created with a combination of Cinema4D and After Effects. Photoshop, Illustrator, and even Animate played supporting roles.