Jiro Ietaka

Welcome to my corner of the web.  Thank you for visiting.

My path to motion graphics has been anything but a straight shot. Had I pursued 3D animation like I expected to when graduating college, perhaps it might've been.  But an unintentional 15+ yr detour took me down a winding road that included web design, illustration, interactive authoring, game development, software training, ui/ux design, and more before eventually leading me back to 3D and incredible world of motion graphics.

Though I can't help but wonder how much better of a 3D modeler or compositor I might be had my career path been more direct, the broad mix of jobs and focuses I've had over the years has served me unexpectedly in more recent years. Using particle systems in other game development engines provided a strong foundation for the systems I use now, like Particular and X-Particles. Years of programming in Flash's ActionScript has translated effortlessly into writing expressions in After Effects. Designing and animating for years in 2D programs has helped me stay mindful of frame composition whether I'm working in two or three dimensional space.

Less than five years ago, Flash and Photoshop were my wheelhouse, and web and game art had been my bread and butter. I had barely scratched the surface of After Effects and Cinema 4D.  Now, they're my daily tools. I still have a lot to learn - it seems like everyday there's something new to keep up with! - but I feel like I've found creative weapons-of-choice, and I'm hungrier to learn than I've been in years.

Let's talk.

Jiro Ietaka